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In the Course you'll learn:

  • What a Lead Magnet Is & why you should offer them

  • The Different Types of Lead Magnets you can offer & which ones are best for your business

  • How to Figure out What type of content & messaging will attract your ideal customers, hosts & team members

  • The 5 Must Have items you need to include in every Lead Magnet to get the best results from them

  • How to quickly & easily create multiple Lead Magnets in Canva in Minutes

  • Where to store your Lead Magnets for easy access for your subscribers

  • How & where to Market your Lead Magnets

  • What an Email Nurture Series is & why it's essential to converting leads to paying customers (and hosts & team members)

  • The 4 things you need to include in your email follow-ups to get people to open, read, click and take action

  • How to set up a simple email automation that does the work for you when someone signs up for a lead magnet

  • Bonus tips on marketing your business authentically

Lead Magnet Magic for Direct Sellers Course + Bonus Templates
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Includes BONUS bundle of Canva Lead Magnet Templates, Email Series Fill in the Blank Templates & Mailerlite Email Automation Sequence Training Video ($150+ value)
Here's everything you'll get access to when your register:

  Continued Access to the course videos, bonuses and all content 

BONUS #1: Canva Lead Magnet Template Bundle with over 100 different templates for eBooks, Workbooks, Squares & Bingo's, Planning Pages, Checklists and Worksheets, digital & printable templates you can customize for your own Lead Magnet to match your brand, solutions and services, PLUS Mockup Templates to use to promo your lead magnet on social media or your site and in print AND an instruction video on how to customize the templates in Canva ($77+ value!) 

BONUS #2: Email Nurture Series Template with fill-in-the-blank, customizable email scripts to help you create a series of automatic follow up emails to authentically nurture your leads, build relationships and help increase conversion to sales, bookings and recruits. ($47 value!)

BONUS #3: Walkthrough Video showing how to set up your email list, groups and automation email sequence in Mailerlite ($27 value) (If you don't use Mailerlite, no worries, you can still use the Email Series Templates with any other email platform!)

Save $20 when you register for the course by Feb 28!

Take a Closer Look at the Canva Template Bundle - If purchased individually you would pay over $80 for these alone! 

You can use these templates to create all kinds of Lead Magnets AND other printables and digital files for your direct sales business. (Show Checklists, Host Challenges, Team Challenges, Customer Games, Training & Planning guides, Webinars, Classes and more!)

Easily customize the colors, fonts, designs, add images, backgrounds, make them match your brand & style with a few clicks in Canva!
2 More Bonus Canva Templates added (not pictured) - Slide Deck / Webinar Slide Templates and Mockup Images Templates!
Sign up now for the Lead Magnet Magic for Direct Sellers Course & Templates Bundle for only $37 usd! ($177+ value)
After the course you'll be able to quickly & easily create multiple lead magnets to attract more of your ideal customers, hosts and team leads and set up an automated email series to nurture your relationships to help get more sales, bookings and new team members!

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