Branding Y.O.U. Course & 1:1 Branding Audit, Coaching & 30 Days Support after with Misty 
$297 usd

The Customized Branding Audit & 30 Days of Follow Up 1:1 Support is right for you if:

  • You are struggling to narrow down your specific branding, messaging, marketing strategy and content plan,  especially if being creative doesn't come naturally to you or you are new at online or content marketing
  • You might have your branding design or messaging figured out but still find it difficult to create an effective content plan that showcases your solutions and creates engagement with your audience
  • You are struggling to figure out which online platforms are best for growing your business and how to best utilize them to generate leads
  • You may have visibility fears or confidence issues that hold you back from marketing your business and you need some help or coaching to get past those issues
  • Or you might have a lot of other questions about branding, marketing, content, social media, livestreaming, email marketing or any other topic related to marketing and being visible and growing your business that you would like to get answers on from a coach who has years of experience, ideas and insight
  • Perhaps you need some extra feedback and want a boost of extra support, 1:1 coaching and accountability to help you get your branding and marketing work completed and your plans implemented

Your Purchase Includes:

1. Branding Y.O.U. Course & Bonuses ($117 value) - this course & the bonuses will help you create your branding and marketing plan, brand kit, learn how to use Canva to create images for social media, identify your ideal client, your solutions and core brand elements. (Continued Access)

2. Detailed Brand Review & Audit by Misty.   I have over 15 years of online (and in person) marketing experience (beyond direct sales, I also have branding, graphic and website design and blogging experience of my own and helping hundreds of clients in those niches). I have built several successful businesses during that time using authentic & organic marketing strategies. I am skilled at helping my clients showcase their unique personality, passion and solutions and developing a strategy to grow their businesses authentically. I am also a certified coach who specializes in improving mindset, confidence issues and habits.

Once you request your audit, you will fill out a detailed survey and send your Branding YOU worksheets to me. I will review everything including your social media sites, blog/website, consultant website, marketing plan, content plan, brand summary, brand board & more. 

3. Detailed Video of your Review & Audit with Strategy, Implementation Steps & Coaching.  I will then record & send you a video where I share my feedback and give you tips, suggestions to help with clarifying your branding, logo, content categories, content plan and basic marketing plan. I will also provide an implementation checklist and answer any additional questions you have as well as offer coaching on specific struggles or mindset, visibility, marketing issues you mentioned in your survey.

(You must complete the Branding Y.O.U. Course & Worksheets & an Audit form first in order for me to be able to do your audit & for me to be able to have enough information to help you with your strategy. My next availability for audits is after Mid-January 2021, but you'll have 6 full months after purchase to request your audit.)

4. Continued support via email and voice messaging for 30 days after your audit is complete.  Once I have sent you the audit & strategy video & implementation steps, you will have 30 days of additional support from me to help as you complete all your branding work, content plan and implementing your updated marketing strategy, work on getting more visible, overcoming fears and begin using your new branding strategy in your business. (I will reply within 48 hours during Mon-Fri to your emails/voice messages.)
Important Details:

***You have 6 months from the date of purchase to submit & request your audit & strategy coaching. It will be your responsibility to request the audit within 6 months and utilize the 30 days of coaching after you receive your audit in the specified timeframe. 

***You will access the contents of your audit and support packet online via file sharing, email and voice messaging. I will send you all links, recordings and steps for you to continue to have access to and use for your personal business.

***All sales are final, no refunds. Exchanges or credits for other products may be given at my discretion should you have extenuating circumstances and request within your 6 month timeframe. 

***As always, I cannot guarantee any specific results. My services include providing coaching, strategy, ideas, feedback, support and encouragement to help you create an authentic, effective and efficient branding and marketing plan & improve your mindset, confidence and skills. You must do the work and implement what you learn & customize the strategies as you see fit to use within your own business.

***If you are NOT open to getting feedback, to trying new things, to getting out of your comfort zone, to doing the work to improve your branding, marketing & mindset, then this coaching package is probably NOT right for you. If you have questions before you buy, email me at & I'll be happy to help!

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